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stargen_prep_before_wholeroom Hey everyone! I know, I know...it's been a few weeks, but I am here today bringing you a new project I've been working on. I am introducing to you - Project Stargen Prep. My little client is moving into his tween, well almost preteen years, and his mom thought it was befitting for him to have a room makeover. And looking at the before pic I know you agree!

I first met my clients when we moved her from North Carolina. The mom and I instantly hit it off and our sons are best buddies. I have probably talked her head off about starting my design business a gazillion times and of course once the dust settled we got started on Stargen Prep.

I have to admit, this project has been the most challenging. It was my first time hiring trades, getting quotes, and having some other things custom made. Being transparent - it was a little scary. I have hired folks for myself before, but for someone else - admittingly I was a little nervous. What if they didn't follow through? What if their work was shabby? What if they ended up not being worth the cost? All those thoughts ran through my head and unfortunately, some of my thoughts quickly became a realization.  I had a few trades folks with no follow through. Talk about  totally frustrating - especially being in the midst of a project and at the risk of looking like you (the designer) have unreliable people. Sigh..I have never been so upset. But a good designer grows from these challenges, quickly puts things in perspective, rolls her own sleeves up if need be, and keeps the project moving. And guess what? That's exactly what I did. Oh..and thank God for an understanding client, some aren't always so forgiven.

The Plan - Fabrics & Floor Plan

So, what is the plan you ask? We are PREPPING this room out! It will have a preppy, Polo Ralph Lauren meets classic boys club kinda look and feel. Of course it will still have some kids stuff too. He loves to draw so we will use some of his artwork to decorate the room. This will be a space he can grown in well into his teenage years, possibly even headed out for college. Hopefully he won't tire of the look.

The color scheme was derived by my little client. He knew exactly what he wanted - Red, White, and Blue. He said he had to have those colors because they are his absolute favorites. With that in mind I found the most amazing plaid fabric. I used it as my base fabric and I love the color story.


The mom expressed moving a desk and bookcase into the room, upgrading the size of the bed, and adding seating. Increasing the size of the bed took away some valuable floor space, but I was able to come up with two plans to present to them. Now I love floating furniture in a room, but the second option gives just a little bit more space for play. Check back when we do the final reveal to see what we ended up doing with the space. stargen_prep_floor_plan_option_1stargen_prep_floor_plan_option_2

More before pics with a few plan details.




Be sure to stop by next week to see the progress we have made. It is looking pretty darn amazing!

Making Home, Home!